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Northern Tours

Tanzania's northern safari circuit, is renowned for offering some of the finest wildlife viewing holidays and tours in Africa. Its natural abundance of wildlife, along with the annual migration of millions of animals across its northern plains, make up a flourishing eco-system, which is now benefiting from the country's historical strict conservation measures.


Tanzania’s national parks and game reserves cover one seventh of the country and include the Serengeti National Park, which is famous for its vast migratory herds of plains animals, particularly wildebeest, zebra, eland and kudu. There are small bands of chimpanzees that can be found in the Gombe National Park along Lake Tanganyika.

The steep mountain walls of the Ngorongoro Crater provide protection and a natural enclosure for animals in an environment of great natural beauty; the crater forms a part of the Ngorongora Park. Rhino and elephant numbers are still low due to poaching in the past despite the government’s protective measures.

Northern Circuit Tanzania